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It’s no secret – motorsport is expensive.

So far we have self-funded the 2021 season in Junior Rotax Max competing across clubs in Kent, but to go further afield and compete nationally in 2022 I need some additional support so there is a Crowdfunding page which is now open for contributions.

Our campervan

During 2021 my mum converted a panel van into a camper so that we can stay at circuits overnight; it also gives us a warm place to shelter during the winter months!

Having the campervan keeps food and accommodation costs down, but filling up the fuel tank costs around £100 – just about enough for a weekend return trip to Silverstone. A contribution towards our travel across the UK in 2022 is just one of the ways you can actively show me your support.

As you can see from the pictures below there is a lot of blank space available on the sides and rear of the van, ideal for displaying any logos or graphics that you’d like to be seen whilst travelling or when parked up at the circuit.

Details of all the events I am planning to attend are shown on the About page – if you would like to use some space on the van either around a particular event or throughout the 2022 season then please get in touch.