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Review: 2021 Compkart Covert 3.0

James Reilly Compkart

Whether you are an experienced racer or a novice looking to get started in owner driver karting, a 2021 Compkart Covert 3.0 is a great option to consider.

Compkart started in the USA in 2014 – the 2021 Compkart Covert 3.0 is sleek and aerodynamic, designed to deliver lightning-fast speeds, precise handling, and a responsive driving experience whatever type of engine you decide to bolt onto the fluro yellow chassis.

Another major advantage of the 2021 Compkart Covert 3.0 is its durability. The kart is built for competition, making it a great investment for serious racers. The chassis provides a strong and sturdy foundation, so you can rely on the kart to perform consistently in every race. It’s also user-friendly for those who are just starting out, and low maintenance so you can spend more time racing and less time on the spanners.

The 2021 Compkart Covert 3.0 is essentially a BirelART, and so uses Freeline and Birel parts; with a junior Rotax 125 Evo engine I could comfortably reach speeds of over 80mph down the back straight at Lydd International Kart Circuit in Kent so was very glad to have the excellent Freeline braking system on board!

The aluminium wheel hubs work well with either a set of Mojo D5 slicks or Mojo W5 wets, using either Jet or mag rims.

I raced in junior Rotax Max, but the 2021 Compkart Covert 3.0 is suitable for either junior or senior drivers in Rotax or TKM – it just needs an appropriate engine for the category you choose to compete in.




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